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Replying to help with database restore

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Posted 17 September 2014 - 09:00 PM

hi everyone ..

am having a problem and hope to find help here as long as I gave up fixing it myself :/


I was running the previous openshop version "the one before 1.7" 


for some error with loging and language I decided to re install the newer version ..

I deleted all the files and downloaded a copy of the sql database ..


I install a complete openshop 1.7 from scratch .. then tried to link it to the old database by changing the database name in config files to the old one .. but it didn't work ..


I reinstall a new copy and created a new database .. then tried to import the old on from phpMyAdmin ..

it didn't work because the tables already exist ..

so I deleted all the tables and left the new database empty .. imported all tables from old database ..


then .. admin section works fine and all data is there perfectly ..

BUT .. not the home page .. it just show blank white page .. not even the store name is appearing on explorer ..


I looked around for the old version of openshop .. but only the most recent version is there ..



any one can help ? (I don't mind help for a fee)


my store is closed for 5 days now :(


[email protected]

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